Live with Less Stress, learn to minimize emotional, physical and environmental stress for greater vitality and resilient health.

90 Minute Consultation

Meeting online or in person in San Diego County, following a Stress Assessment, we’ll review & prioritize the stressors with the greatest impact on your current situation, discuss methods of reduction, and alternatives to promote vitality & resilience.

Cost: $120

Live in a safer home with fewer chemicals. Natural cleaners and safer alternatives are better for the health of everyone in the home.

Home Health Assessment

Receive a home visit to assess toxins in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry & garage, along with recommendations for healthy and effective alternatives. Approximately 2.5 hours. Available in San Diego County.

Cost: $180

Bach Flower essence combinations for emotional support. Experience less emotional stress with custom flower essence combinations.

Flower Essence Combinations

Specially formulated blends of Bach Flower Essences selected for specific stress situations, such as Sleeplessness, Overwhelm, Worry, and Instilling New Habits

2 oz. bottle of Bach FEs in spring water with vegetable glycerin. Cost: $16

3x Less Stress is here to Empower YOU

We can write our own health stories.

We no longer need to live without understanding how all of the choices that we make add up to the sum of our whole health. Confusing misinformation is designed to overwhelm and frustrate consumers, so they maintain their buying habits and place priority on convenience.

It is a myth that living clean, with less stress, is hard to do! Our mission is to show you that there are easy ways to make the empowered choices that bring back our vitality, living with less stress and more resilient health.

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