The air we breathe feeds every cell in our bodies. Eating organic is great, but what are we cleaning our counters with?

It all adds up!

We are a product of our environment – emotionally and physically. Just as the nature of the people we spend time with affects our own attitude, the health of the air we breathe and the home we live in have tremendous impact on our overall wellness. It is increasingly common to hear about people with chemical sensitivities, a problem that used to be the exception instead of the rule.

When we start to consider just how many different ways we encounter chemicals every day, it can be overwhelming to think about how we can start to change our exposure. As with choosing healthy food, choosing healthier alternatives for our home can be as easy as looking for products that boast about what they don’t have: pthalates, parabens, BPA, VOCs, and artificial scents are just some of the ingredients that manufacturers have been adding to their products without properly testing them for safety. Fortunately, some consumers are leading the movement to create healthy alternatives to toxic cleaners, skin care, and home products, so we don’t have to sacrifice potency for progress!

In addition to the chemical components of our home and work spaces, other less tangible aspects can also have large effect. Artificial lighting can interrupt our natural bio-rhythms, making it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. Electromagnetic frequencies can interrupt the innate electrical rhythms of our own bodies, affecting those whose health has already been compromised by making them more sensitive, affecting their sleep, energy, and immune function. With the coming of 5G, those who are already feeling the effects of EMFs are fearing the worst, as there are fewer places where anyone can now be ‘out of range’ and recover from our wifi world.

If you’re looking for an easy solution to living a less toxic lifestyle, you won’t find one. However we can start to change our buying habits and slowly replace items in our homes and offices if we understand the larger picture. That’s our goal here, to give you the tools so you can start seeing benefits as the small changes add up to a lifestyle of wellness. You will be a more empowered consumer and a healthier person. Then we can all rest easier!

Environmental Stress

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