3x Less Stress is a shift.

A movement towards more empowered choices and greater health, all within our own control. By becoming aware of the impact of stress in our lives, and choosing what stress we allow to impact our health, we can write our own health stories!

Dancing is an expression of how we can move and make changes in our world - moving freely and without stress

3x less stress means less of the 3 core aspects of stress: emotional, physical, and environmental. We encounter stress throughout every day and even as we sleep. Our bodies evolved to accommodate stress, and when not allowed to control our lives, stress can have powerful benefits. Stress can motivate us to excel, to grow and learn and reach our goals. Stress can also cause us to spin out, to doubt ourselves and worry about the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. Stress can provide energy, but it can also sap our energy and resources, leaving us vulnerable to disease.

By understanding the impacts of stress, we can make choices about the stressors we allow in our lives, and by living with less stress, we can live with more vitality and more resilient health. Join the 3x Less Stress Movement! Together we’ll take back control of our health by supporting our bodies naturally, by minimizing stressors and by acquiring better living habits.


Emotions of Stress

Emotional Stress

We are entitled to feeling all of our emotions. It is when we don’t acknowledge our true feelings that they can grow to cause dis-ease. Learn more.

Getting fresh air and exercise relieves physical stress

Physical Stress

Our bodies are made to move! Tension, ergonomics and more play a role on our physical wellness. Small changes can have great impacts in our health. Learn more.

Environmental Stress

Environment Stress

The air we breathe feeds every cell in our bodies. Eating organic is great, but what are we cleaning our counters with? It all adds up! Learn more.