Susi Vine is a Holisitc Health Practitioner, Flower Essence Practitioner, massage therapist, and Reiki master.  She felt called to become a healer after seeing how modern lifestyles can lead to chronic health issues, and was moved to begin empowering clients to live healthier lives with less emotional and environmental stress.

I feel passionately about empowering people to find their path to total wellness.  The body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself if we can understand what it needs. Traditional healing modalities are gaining a place in our modern world of medicine, as science begins to allow that some of our most powerfully effective remedies come directly from nature, not from a laboratory.  I believe that a partnership is possible between the miracles of modern medicine and the gifts provided by our Creator.  Not everything natural is safe, however, and it is important to work with someone sensitive to chemical interactions.

I love connecting with people and learning what makes them hum.  Hearing their stories is a special gift, but really distilling those memories and the feelings they generate, as well as examining our honest reaction to life as we are living it until there is one word, one emotion that resonates – that simple and honest insight is the profound answer to what either makes our heart sing, or feel painfully out of tune.